As digitalization takes over the transportation world, there is an enormous demand for responsive, real-time data to be displayed. To be able to successfully solve these problems, geospatial and other maps are required.


Ext JS eliver lightening-fast UI components for rapid data update speeds for enterprise dashboards, transportation bottleneck detection, predictive maintenance data, airline schedules, and factory floor automation. UI components such as Maps, Gauges, data organization elements such as Lists, Grids, Trees, Charts, and Pivot Grids display data in easy-to-see formats.

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Ext JS is a full-featured and extendable enterprise development framework. For those concerned about licensing costs, our takeaway is that labor costs typically far exceed them. We also hear that Ext JS is heavy and for those that tried earlier versions of Ext JS, you should take another look. Sencha Cmd does a great job compiling down the build to the smallest code needed to run the app, and we are really happy with how the product has evolved.
Business Value of Using Ext JS:
Ext JS seems to have struck that delicate balance between immediate usability and ease of extensibility. Ext JS components are easy enough to use that a full-fledged application can be shelled out in minutes, yet they are designed with extensions in mind. The hierarchical structure of the architecture lends itself to the creation of new components and fresh functionality. The more in-depth we get into the design of our own libraries, the more we appreciate the foresight of Ext JS’ developers.

Mike Giddens, CEO, Creston Digital LLC

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Build Web Apps Faster

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