Maturing markets, intense price competition, an environment of mergers and acquisitions, and the rapid pace of technical innovation (i.e. 5G, IoT protocols) requires these companies to innovate through efficiency and an intense understanding of their customers, demographics, and local competition.


Ext JS is used by the world’s largest telecom players to create specialized enterprise applications that replace common, off-the-shelf ERP solutions. Custom solutions built on top of popular CRM software, or custom enterprise applications linking the sales force to marketing and engineering results in faster roll-out of new programs, products, and services.
All UI components in Ext JS are used, including Calendar, Forms, Layouts, Grids, Placements, Lists. Touch is often an integral part of these enterprise applications supporting in-field data gathering devices (including mobile phones and tablets).

60% of fortune 100 companies rely on Ext JS

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We were tired of paying a large amount of money each year for our SaaS ERP solution, and the software was too complex not to mention inflexible. We decided to do our own, customized to our business, so that we could also integrate unified communications (UC), but the biggest win for us was the sheer number of data display components.

Major telecommunications provider

Build Web Apps Faster

Build Web Apps Faster

Over 2,000,000 developers develop on Ext JS.

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