The most competitive companies in the world in the fastest-changing and most challenging industries in the world rely on having accurate, real-time data, unified communications, and hyper-responsiveness in order to innovate faster and deliver the products customers rely upon, on time.


Ext JS provides real-time business and trend data to manage uncertainty, inventory and market trends. With dozens of connections to hundreds of data sources, Ext JS displays data using various Charts, Graphs, and other data display elements.

60% of fortune 100 companies rely on Ext JS

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While we adopted [a major sales CRM application], we found that we needed to write applications to interface with this to get the most value …. Ext JS has data agnostic connection capabilities, which was crucial as we moved our applications from desktop PC to the Web, and then the Cloud and integrated over a dozen data sources …. Highly recommended!

Anonymous Silicon Valley executive

Build Web Apps Faster

Build Web Apps Faster

Over 2,000,000 developers develop on Ext JS.

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