Criminals are constantly searching for new, creative ways to obtain money from banks and their customers through security vulnerabilities.


Ext JS was built from the ground up with security in mind. The entire framework and UI components are constantly tested and Ext JS is vigilant about not allowing vulnerabilities to creep in. The framework is one of the few professionally maintained and supported JavaScript frameworks—never a question on who is maintaining the framework and always someone to contact when your app is on the line.
Ext JS customers use the powerful UI components including Gauges (for credit scores), Forms, Data Validation, Layouts, Lists, and other UI elements to build powerful banking applications.

60% of fortune 100 companies rely on Ext JS

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One of the biggest benefits of Ext JS and the single page application architecture is how fast and responsive our platform is relative to the previous version. Our flagship profiles and search features now load with sub-second speed, despite the fact that the user is often searching across hundreds of thousands of products and several thousand data points. We have the most sophisticated financial professionals in the world using our platform and time is money, so speed is extremely important to our users.

Hesom Parhizkar, VP – Technology at eVestment

Build Web Apps Faster

Build Web Apps Faster

Over 2,000,000 developers develop on Ext JS.

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