As the nature of international conflict changes, military and defense contractors are more vulnerable to hacks and security breaches than ever before. If you’re using outdated technology for threat detection and compliance, you run the risk of financial loss, reputational damage, compromise of your intellectual property and worse: potential national security leaks.


Ext JS was built from the ground up with security in mind. The entire framework and UI components are constantly tested, and Ext JS is vigilant about preventing security vulnerabilities. Executive, Operational, and Security dashboards using a variety of UI elements such as Charts, D3 Heatmaps and D3 Hierarchy UI elements connect with dozens of data sources and thousands of data points, displaying real-time threat data.

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These components all come from a United States (American) company, Idera, and are backed by American technical support.The framework is one of the few professionally maintained and supported JavaScript frameworks – never a question on who is maintaining the framework and always someone to contact when your app is on the line. Their components did the job!

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