A great way to get started building data intensive, cross-platform web
applications, all for free

Community Features

Ext JS Framework

Up to 5 developers

Grid component


Open Tooling



perpetual license

Perfect for teams looking to build enterprise-grade apps in the least amount of

Pro Features

Ext JS Framework

Grid component

Cmd (Build Optimization Tool)

Open Tooling

IDE Plugins





perpetual license

Leverage the best of Ext JS with advanced tooling and 115+ components. Everything in Pro plus

Enterprise Features

Ext JS Framework


Grid component


Open Tooling

IDE Plugins





Sencha Test


D3 Adaptor

Pivot Grid


Compare plans

Community Edition

Ext JS Pro

Ext JS Enterprise

Included Products

Ext JS
Sencha Test
Buttons, Panels, Tabs
Toolbars, Tooltips, Windows
Audio, Video, and More
Forms and Form Validation
Gauges, Icons, Layouts
Data, Data Binding, DataView
Animations, Carousel, Color Picker
100+ Classic Components
Back-end Agnostic Data Package and Powerful Data Management
Visualization and Analysis of Complex Data Sets
Layout Manager and Responsive Configurations
Adaptive and Responsive Design
Accessibility Package (ARIA) for Section 508 Compliance
Cmd (Build Optimization)
Ext JS Stencils (Design Kit)
IDE Plugins (Productivity Tools)
Architect (Visual App Builder)
Sencha Themer (Styling Tool)
Inspector (Debugging Tool)
D3 Adapter (Data Visualization)
Exporter (Data Export)
Pivot Grid
Support and SLAs
Commercial Use
Restrictions apply
12 months of free software updates
12 months of free technical support
Access to tutorials, documentation, and examples
24×7 access to support forums
Member-only support portal access
Support x-credit included (per license) 40 40
Private onboarding and training sessions Contact sales
Multi-year discounts Contact sales
Customer success manager and account health check Contact sales
Single seat options Contact sales
Independent consultant solutions Contact sales

Build Web Apps Faster

Build Web Apps Faster

Frequently asked questions

Yes, either you or your customer will need to purchase licenses for the

Generally, your customer must purchase enough licenses to cover your developers
any of their developers updating or maintaining the application. For example, if
use 6 developers to create the application and your customer will support the
application with 3 developers, then they would need to purchase 9 licenses,
would cover all the developers.

Alternatively, if you purchased licenses for your consultancy prior to the
development, you can assign them to your customer by notifying Ext JS and
any other conditions for an assignment included in the license agreement. So in
same example, if you use 6 developers to create the application and your
will support the application with 3 developers, you could transfer two of the
licenses to your customer if you had already purchased them.

Independent Consultants may purchase fewer than 5 licenses of Ext JS on behalf
of a
named client provided the consultant meets the eligibility
. You can
also buy a single developer license(s) with an annual subscription for Ext JS

You can buy 8 licenses of Ext JS through our store.

For Ext JS, you can purchase less than 5 licenses under our Single Developer Subscription License (annual subscription) program.

For Ext JS Test, yes, you will need to purchase a license that covers up to 5 developers unless you meet all of the Independent Consultant Program eligibility requirements, where you can purchase fewer than 5 licenses of Ext JS on behalf of a named client. The licenses allow you and your team to use the software to create and/or test applications, provision their tech support entitlements and also grants distribution rights for the software/applications you have created.
If you do not meet the Independent Consultant Program eligibility requirements, you must purchase a license which covers up to 5 developers. As your team grows, you’ll have up to two more licenses as your developers need them, without any additional processing.

If you meet all of the Independent Consultant Program eligibility
you can purchase fewer than 5 licenses of any Ext JS product on behalf of a
named client and transfer the licenses to them upon project completion.
Alternatively, the client may purchase the licenses, transfer the rights to your
organization to develop the application and you would transfer the rights back
to the client upon project completion.

Ext JS Standard customers with perpetual licenses: Ext JS Standard
will be grandfathered in and can continue to renew under Ext JS Standard.

Ext JS Premium customers with perpetual licenses: Upon renewal, Ext JS
Premium customers with perpetual licenses will now receive Ext JS Enterprise
licenses, which will include access to Ext JS Test and ExtReact.

You can renew your support for your Ext JS license now (which will be
backdated to the expiry date), and you will obtain the rights to the
latest version of Ext JS during the term of your support subscription.
To renew your support subscription, email [email protected] for a

We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and JCB credit cards.
We also accept PayPal.

We are happy to send a sales receipt on request. When emailing us to confirm
your order, please indicate that you would like a sales receipt, and include the
billing contact information that should be included on it (contact name, company
name if applicable and address).

Yes, we accept PayPal in our store and can accept purchase orders, checks, and
direct bank transfers for standard orders. We accept credit cards and PayPal for
Independent Consultant Program orders. Please note that for checks and purchase
orders, your order cannot be completed until the payment has cleared our bank.
To arrange for payment via one of these methods, please contact us and we’ll be
happy to assist you.

Yes. If you are interested in purchasing more x-Credits,
contact us at www.Ext

x-Credits are a currency used to meter Support Tickets or request other types of
assistance available under a Ext JS support plan. For example, a Support Ticket
uses 10 x-Credits per incident. Telephone Support uses 50 x-Credits per hour
with a 25 x-Credit minimum.

The process for requesting assistance using x-Credits is described in our
support process letter that is sent to our customers’ primary support contacts
when they purchase a support plan. This process is also described in our
Maintenance and Support Agreement.

Simply email [email protected] and we’d be happy to provide a

Ext JS Architect is now bundled with Ext JS Pro and Premium. Customers who have purchased those packages will automatically be entitled to Architect. If you previously purchased Architect but do not own a Ext JS Ext JS license, your development work product will be governed by the terms of the GPLv3 license.

Yes. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Yes, but only once every 6 months. If you are purchasing under the Independent Consultant Program, you can change Designated Users upon license transfer to your client.

If you purchased a 5 pack or more of Ext JS licenses, those are perpetual.
However, you must renew your Maintenance and Support Agreement on an annual
basis. Ext JS Test is a term-based license, and you can extend the term after the initial term expires.

If you have purchased Single Developer Subscription licenses, you will need to renew your subscription to develop applications. Your annual subscription includes maintenance and support. Distribution and End User use rights are perpetual. Further development rights require annual renewal.

If you’re going to build a commercial application with Ext JS products, you must write your application code under the commercial license from the beginning of the application development process.

No, the terms of our commercial license do not allow this. You must choose which license you wish to use (commercial or GPLv3) at the beginning of your development lifecycle.

If you are creating your own software developer kit (SDK), web application
builder or website builder based on Ext JS, then you need an OEM agreement with
Ext JS. Please read the license agreement under the Prohibited Use for more
information on when an OEM is needed since use cases vary widely, commercial OEM
licenses are customized per customer. Contact us to learn more
about this
option. Full license details are available in our Legal section.

Ext JS is licensed under three options: a commercial license, a commercial OEM license, and an open source license (GPL V3). Ext JS Architect is available as part of the Ext JS Pro and Premium packages. To find out which option is right for you, read more about the appropriate use cases for each of these three licenses in the questions above. Ext JS Test is licensed on a term-based model.