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Debugging Ext JS Applications using Visual Studio Code and Google Chrome

Two of the hottest development tools available to any web developer, Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and Google Chrome, seamlessly integrate to provide the most comprehensive debugging environment known to javascript. Gone are the days of console-log mazes – now is the time for stack traces and breakpoints in your javascript development environment. Read on to […]

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Ext JS Testing Story: Under the Hood

One of the key differences of Ext JS compared to other solutions has always been the emphasis placed on code quality. It is often said that any software can be improved; in our experience it is more important to ensure that the software stays improved. Bugs happen, bits rot, changes creep in and people come […]

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How to Animate your Ext JS Components

Sometimes we need to add animations to our application to make it more friendly or give it a more sophisticated look depending on how the animation is presented (e.g. components that slide off of the screen instead of simply disappearing and having the rest of the document abruptly shifting to the side). Here I’ll show […]

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Introducing Froala into your Sencha Applications

We are happy to share that Froala recently became part of the Developer Tools portfolio and Sencha family! Froala provides a drop-in WYSIWYG rich text editor with a simple but powerful user interface for developing and editing web content easier and faster. In addition to the text editor, the company’s products include more than 170 […]

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Video Series: Build an Ext JS Application from Scratch Using Modern Toolkit

To make it easier for developers that are new to Ext JS, I have created a set of short videos describing the process of creating an application from scratch using the Modern Toolkit. In this series we will create an application allowing you to view and manage data about all matches played at FIFA World […]

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: IntelliSurvey

About Us IntelliSurvey is the premier online survey platform for professional market researchers and consultants. We run some of the most complex surveys that go far beyond “how would you rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 10”. Our Ext JS application is used to construct advanced surveys and analyze data real time, […]

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