Ext JS 7.0 Early Access

We are excited to announce the release of Ext JS 7.0 through the Early Access program. This release is packed with enhancements and exciting new features, with an emphasis on enhancing the Modern Toolkit. Read on to learn more about the release highlights.

New and updated Modern toolkit components:

  • Form Group (Checkbox, Radio Buttonto easily group collection of checkboxes or radio buttons to support actions such as layout customization or validation at the group level.
  • Breadcrumb Toolbar, which provides the ability to present hierarchical information in a breadcrumb format.
  • Accordion Layout, supporting multiple panels, allowing them to expand/collapse.
  • Grid Updates, to support drag and drop row editing, so that users can easily move, reorder and insert content in a row or cell.
  • Introduction of Grid Collapsible Group to easily arrange and view groups of information
  • Drag and Drop Plugin in Tree View so that users can easily move and reorder tree menus.
  • Improved Accessibility in the Modern Toolkit with keyboard accessibility, tab-indexing and focusability.
  • Addition of localization package to Modern Toolkit for developers to easily localize applications for non-English languages. The locale package includes Dutch, Danish, Italian, Czech, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • The Material Theme with its minimalistic look and bold colors is now part of Classic Toolkit
  • Bug Fixes

Try Ext JS

We invite you to try out Ext JS 7.0 early access and share your valuable feedback via our forum.

Written by Jones EST



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