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Enterprise in the Era of Ext JS 7.0

Sencha’s value proposition is expanding significantly with the release of Ext JS 7.0. In addition to providing the most robust enterprise Web Development component and framework, this release includes comprehensive component sets for Angular, React, and the building blocks for Web Components – which can be used in any JS environment. Today your organization can […]

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Modernize your application with Ext JS 7.0

As an Engineer at Sencha, I spend a lot of time visiting customers, screen-sharing with them, and helping them build awesome looking UIs. One trend I see within our customer base is the need to extend the lifespan of these web applications. The need for businesses to reach their customers and employees through web applications […]

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Ext JS 7.0 Early Access

We are excited to announce the release of Ext JS 7.0 through the Early Access program. This release is packed with enhancements and exciting new features, with an emphasis on enhancing the Modern Toolkit. Read on to learn more about the release highlights. New and updated Modern toolkit components: Form Group (Checkbox, Radio Button) to easily […]

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Announcing Ext JS Upgrade Adviser GA

Ext JS Upgrade Adviser 1.0 Release We are excited to announce the release of Ext JS Upgrade Adviser 1.0. Ext JS Upgrade Adviser scans your Ext JS 4.x and 5.x applications and reports problems in the source code that need to be addressed before upgrading to a later Ext JS version (6.x). Ext JS Upgrade […]

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2019 Update: An Exciting Year for Sencha & Ext JS

2019 will be an exciting year for Sencha. Last week, I was honored to speak at the Sencha Community Conference in Germany, organized by eyeworkers GmbH. It was great to see the number of passionate developers that love Ext JS. We provided an update for our 2019 product roadmap, as well as a number of […]

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Introducing GridPlugins – Learn new ways to improve the Ext JS Grid

Guest Blog Post Introduction The Grid Panel is one of the most powerful components in the Ext JS framework. It has lots of features and plugins built in that enables developers to display data in various ways. One interesting feature of the Grid Panel is the Grouping feature. This feature allows you to group the […]

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Sencha Architect: Fast Prototyping, Happier Users

Web Sites A lot of web application software these days feels dated: the same old tired user interfaces and boring, faintly obscure but eminently purchasable background art on a web page drawn by some anonymous art student. Or worse, so-called “stock footage.” But while old things aren’t necessarily bad, it doesn’t seem to work very […]

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The Hidden Value of Ext JS Enterprise: A Look at What’s Inside

Software companies tier the prices of their licenses for a very good reason: not everyone needs everything. Developers don’t generally like to pay money for software that they will not use, and why should they? The software just sits in the file system taking up space. But there are times when taking another look at […]

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The Rush to Open Source – But What’s Missing?

A cautionary tale of navigating modern development Introduction Search the Internet for “Open Source” and the number of hits is astonishing. The fact that open source has been accepted into the business mainstream is indisputable, as IBM’s purchase of Red Hat for US$34 billion proves. Or maybe it’s the rise of more or less open […]

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How to Use a Cordova Build Profile with Sencha Command and Ext JS using Universal Toolkit

The Missing Piece in Universal Apps Following our Cordova / Phone Gap Guide, you can build a simple Cordova app using Sencha Command 6.6+ and Ext JS 6.6+. Check out our Community Edition if you aren’t a customer yet. If you’ve already followed the tutorial, you might have a few questions about custom build profiles […]

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